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Published in 2019, Uncage the Lion Within was written to inspire you to live courageously, to dream big, to pursue your purpose, and to embrace your most authentic selves. 

Through self reflective questions, action tasks, and honest truths, this book has what you need to find yourself from within. 

Whether you are looking to level up as a business owner, or are looking for a tool to assist your clients with their own development, this book is the perfect place to start. 

"This book has truly opened my eyes. 

The biggest light bulb for me was the realisation that my inner critic has been holding me back from exploring my potential.  I have always been shy and reserved (typical introvert), but I believe your book is just what I needed to give me that nudge to start working on myself confidence and personal growth. I’m excited to read the book again and dive into the action tasks more thoroughly. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, it was very much needed in this point in my life!”



"I absolutely loved Zoe’s book! 

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and a lot of the content has given me clarity on things that I’ve been working on and it has been able to support me in ways I never thought! I absolutely think it’s a must to do all of the activities after reading each chapter. This book has definitely empowered me to make choices based on my own needs! I have come to realise that I am important and what I say is important, and that it’s okay to set boundaries and work on yourself!"



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